Getting Ready for the Sale

What can I sell?  This is our Fall/Winter sale, so please choose seasonably appropriate clothing and gear.  Exciting news for our virtual sale: there is no item limit!  


We accept:

kids/teens clothes sizes 0-20


sports equipment

baby gear
maternity clothes
nursing items
nursery and childrens’ furniture


...and more!

What condition should clothing be in?  Our sale has a reputation for offering high quality, gently used and new items for affordable prices. We only accept clothing items that are clean, and free of rips, tears, stains, pet hair, and odor. Prepare your sale items by washing, ironing, etc. to make them look as close to new as possible. We reserve the right to not add items that do not meet our sale guidelines.  Even though this is a virtual sale, our committee members will still be reviewing all items at drop off.  If we determine at the sold item drop off on September 6-7 that an item does not meet our quality standards, we will refund the customer and deduct the sale from the consignor's account. Consignors who bring us a significant number of sold items that do not meet our quality standards when we see them in person may not be invited to consign with us again.

What condition should non-clothing items be in? As a general rule, great condition! All items must be clean and in working condition. Battery-operated items must have working batteries. Toys and games must have all pieces. Puzzles must have ALL pieces (yes, please count them!). DVDs and CDs must not be scratched. Please check the bottoms of shoes and boots for wear and cleanliness. Magic erasers work well on plastic surfaces, toothbrushes for small, hard-to-reach areas & disinfectant wipes for the rest!

Can I start building my inventory right away? Yes. As soon as a consignor has successfully completed registration, the inventory system is available. Inventories must be completed by noon on Sunday, August 29, 2021. 

How do I enter my items?  Login here and select "Work with Consigned Inventory" from the drop down menu then choose "Add Items" on the next page.  It's imperative that all entered items have the most accurate category and size (if applicable) when entering your items so they show up in the correct categories on the sale website.  All items must have 1 photo included and you must select "This item is ready to be sold online."  If you do not do those two things, your items will not be included in our virtual sale.  All items must be entered by noon on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

How many photos are needed to list an item? One photo is required per item in a consignor's inventory. At this time our system can not accept multiple photos per item, so please make sure that the photo you submit is a good one! Photos must be 5 MB or less. ​

Can I bundle clothing items? Yes!  Coordinating tops and bottoms together is a great idea.  Make sure all items are visible.  Each item in the bundle must be in great shape and meet our selling guidelines. ​

Do I need to place my clothing on wire hangers as in previous sales? No! Only SOLD clothing items will need to be hung on hangers for customer delivery, but it might be useful to hang up some clothing items to take a good picture.

Will there be a Half-Price sale? Yes! All items marked for discount will be sold for 50% off on September 3-4, 2021.

Do I need to tag all of my items? No! Only sold items. See below for information on "Sold Tags". Please remove old tags on items from previous sales before photographing them.

After the Sale: Sold Items and Drop Off

Do I need to print out tags for all my items? No, only for your SOLD items! After the sale is over, go to your Consignor Inventory Menu, select "Print Tags", then select "Print ALL Online Sold Tags (PDF)". These tags will be automatically generated by our sale manager program and will include all the information our committee will need to match the purchase with the customer.  All the consignor has to do is print them out. Then attach these tags to your all of your sold items before you bring them to us on September 7-8th. Please see below for guidance on how to organize sold items for drop off.


Do I need to purchase cardstock for my tags as in the past? No. Sold Tags can be printed on any standard letter sized paper (multiple tags will print on each page).

How do I tag my sold items?  You can use a safety pin or tagging gun to attach the Sold Tags to clothing items.  Non-clothing item tags can be taped or pinned to the item.

How do I organize my SOLD items for drop-off? Generate Sold Item tags for your sold inventory and attach to your sold items. Each sold item requires its own tag. From your Consignor Homepage, View your "list of online sold items". We ask that you group items by "Shopper Code" to help expedite the sorting process.


How will drop off work? Please arrive at Broadway United Methodist Church (1323 Melrose Street in Bowling Green, KY) on September 7-8th at your appointed time.  A Lil Angels Attic Committee member will check you in and review your sold items. We will be wearing masks and gloves. We ask that you wear a mask while in the building.

Can I have someone else drop off my sold items? Yes! Please make sure they arrive within your appointment window and know your consignor number.

Still Have Questions?

Let us know!  We're here to help.