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Getting Ready for the Sale

What can I sell?  This is our Spring Summer sale, so please choose seasonably appropriate clothing and gear.


We accept:

kids/teens clothes sizes 0-20


sports equipment

baby gear
maternity clothes
nursing items
nursery and childrens’ furniture


...and more!

What condition should clothing be in?  Our sale has a reputation for offering high quality, gently used and new items for affordable prices. We only accept clothing items that are clean, and free of rips, tears, stains, pet hair, and odor. Prepare your sale items by washing, ironing, etc. to make them look as close to new as possible. We reserve the right to not add items that do not meet our sale guidelines.  Even though this is a virtual sale, our committee members will still be reviewing all items at drop off.  If we determine at the sold item drop off on September 6-7 that an item does not meet our quality standards, we will refund the customer and deduct the sale from the consignor's account. Consignors who bring us a significant number of sold items that do not meet our quality standards when we see them in person may not be invited to consign with us again.

What condition should non-clothing items be in? As a general rule, great condition! All items must be clean and in working condition. Battery-operated items must have working batteries. Toys and games must have all pieces. Puzzles must have ALL pieces (yes, please count them!). DVDs and CDs must not be scratched. Please check the bottoms of shoes and boots for wear and cleanliness. Magic erasers work well on plastic surfaces, toothbrushes for small, hard-to-reach areas & disinfectant wipes for the rest!​

How do I enter and print my tags?  Login here and select "Work with Consigned Inventory" from the drop down menu then choose "Add Items" on the next page. All items must be entered by 5pm on Monday, February 28th. Watch our short video below for complete instructions.

Can I start building my inventory right away? Yes. As soon as a consignor has successfully completed registration, the inventory system is available. Inventories must be completed by 5pm on Monday, February 28th.  ​

Can I bundle clothing items? Yes!  Coordinating tops and bottoms together is a great idea.  Make sure all items are visible.  Each item in the bundle must be in great shape and meet our selling guidelines. ​

Do I need to place my clothing on wire hangers? Yes please!

Will there be a Half-Price sale? Yes! All items marked for discount will be sold for 50% off on Saturday, March 5th.

Unsold Item Pick Up: All items must be picked up between 4:30-5pm on Saturday, March 5th.

All items left after 5:15pm will be donated, no exceptions.

Still Have Questions?

Let us know!  We're here to help.

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