To sell at Lil Angels Attic, you must register and receive a consignor number. Our registration process is done online through our website and we are only able to take 300 sellers. Our registration for the spring/summer sale will be announced. Seller spots can go quickly so please login promptly. If you have a consignor number already you will need it and you password to login. If you have not sold before you will get a consignor number as you register. Please click the below link!


MUSTS - Items are checked in the week of the sale.

Please sign up online for a drop off time.

Items must be:

     Currently fashionable - generally no more than 5 years old.

     Clean - this means freshly laundered; NO smelly odors including smoke, musty, or pet odors.

     Good condition – this means without excessive wear; NO stains, holes, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, or missing pieces. Jeans        

     or clothing that is factory distressed will be accepted.

Recalled Items - We DO NOT accept items that have been RECALLED and/or can be found on the site. It is important to us that only safe products are offered to our customers, therefore we ask that each consignor carefully check the CPSC site to be sure that none of their items have been recalled before bringing them to our event. As the seller/owner of an item, it is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that each item meets the required safety standards. You will certify that items you bring to the sale have not been recalled and meet safety guidelines when you sign your Consignor Agreement.

Make sure you have scrutinized each item as though YOU were going to buy it. Returns to Seller - Every item will be checked during drop off. Unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. Please don't be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be screening very closely so as to maintain the high quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want our shoppers to have confidence that they are buying the best at LAA. Occasionally, due to an oversight at check in, we find items on the sale floor that do not meet our guidelines. We reserve the right to remove these items from the sale floor and return them to the seller at pick-up.

Spring/Summer Sale (held in March)

We accept short sleeves, long sleeves in spring colors/fabrics, lightweight jackets and sweaters, swimsuits/swim gear, and items that are spring/summer holiday/season appropriate. Please use your good judgment about whether items would realistically be worn in cold weather. Jeans are accepted at both sales.

Fall/Winter Sale (held in September)

We accept long sleeves, long pants, outerwear, and items that are fall/winter holiday/season appropriate. Shorts or short sleeves that go with, or are attached to, a winter holiday outfit would be allowed. Please use your good judgment about whether items would realistically be worn in cold weather.

Jeans are accepted at both sales.

We accept items for infants, children, teens, and expectant moms including:

Girls Clothing - sizes Preemie-Juniors (kids size 20 or coordinating Junior sizes)

Boys Clothing - sizes Preemie-20 Shoes - sizes Infant thru Adult size 6; must be clean and without excessive wear (dirty, holes, check bottoms, etc.)

Accessories - socks, belts, backpacks, purses, hair bows, hats, etc.

Dress Up/Playwear/Dancewear/Costumes – accepted at both sales, NO SCARY ITEMS


Including puzzles, musical instruments, art and craft supplies, board games, electronic toys, kitchen sets, action figures, dolls, doll houses, blocks, bikes, outdoor toys, etc. Most any toy is acceptable as long as it is CLEAN, WORKS, and HAS ALL PARTS. Batteries must be included. Stuffed Animals are NOT accepted unless they do something like talk, play music, move, etc.

CDs, DVDs, Electronic Games

NO “ Parental Advisory Explicit Content” rated music NO “R” rated movies NO “M” (mature) or “A” (adult) rated games (NOTE: We do accept “T” teen rated games but we reserve the right not to accept any game that, in LAA’s opinion, is not representative of the LAA standard.) ALL games, CDs, DVDs will be opened at check-in to screen for scratches or any other detectable defects. They will be labeled to verify that they have been checked.

Books - any books for children & parents (appropriate content)

Sporting goods & Outdoor Play Equipment – clean and seasonally appropriate items such as cleats, shin guards, baseball gloves, balls, bicycles, ride on toys, etc.

Decorative Items - photo frames, artwork, rugs, lamps, etc.

Bedding - age appropriate, all sizes, NO crib bumper pads

Layette Items - diaper bags, bibs, blankets, bottles, diaper pails, bathtubs, burp cloths, etc.

Baby Equipment – highchairs, strollers, swings, pack-n-plays,

NO Car Seats (including boosters)

Furniture – cribs (NO drop-side cribs), bookshelves, beds, desks, train tables, etc. (Secure items together with tape, plastic wrap, etc.)

No Food - including infant formula

No Undergarments – including underwear, nursing bras, training pants, and cloth diapers (unless used only as burp cloths); cloth diaper covers accepted

No Adult Items



Fall Sale is Sept 5-6, 2014

Consignor Registration opens July 26 at 9:15 AM, SHARP.

Only 300 spots avaliable!

$30 will be applied to all consignor accounts 

who do not volunteer!!!